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The Housed Home Loans Difference

At Housed Home Loans, we process, underwrite, and fund your loan in HOUSE. We eliminate surprises and find solutions where other lenders cannot.

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Who is Housed Home Loans?

Housed Home Loans was founded by seasoned loan origination experts. Our leaderships’ hands-on experience working with a diverse group of home loan clients helped us build a residential mortgage company centered around our clients’ needs.

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Who is HOUSED Home Loans? Purchase. Refinance. Renovate.

Loan & Refinance Resources

From start to finish, the home loan process involves three phases. Each phase is important.


Check out our Purchase Guide for more information.

Refinancing allows you to pay off your old home loan and replace it with a new mortgage at a new rate with new terms. Like getting a home loan, refinancing your home loan involves three phases.

Check out our Refinance Guide for more information.

Most home buyers have a lender pre-approval letter, but our Early Approval Process (EAP) Program provides that extra reassurance sellers often want when reviewing competing offers.

Check out our EAP Guide for more information.

Happy Clients & Closed Home Loans

The entire team is very knowledgeable, helpful, and great to work with. Highly recommend!

– Nicole G.

They are by far the best at what they do and make the process so smooth!

– Kelsey F.

They are timely, professional and friendly. Jeremy came up with a great solution for our home loan needs and executed perfectly.

– Nicholas P.

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